3 Home Remedies That Really Stop Recurrent Vaginal Yeast Infections

3 Home Remedies That Really Stop Recurrent Vaginal Yeast Infections

Recurrent vaginal yeast infections are by far the most annoying problem any woman will have to deal with in her life. Dealing with symptoms like intense itching and burning, unwanted vaginal discharges, and constant soreness will make you beg for mercy.

Some women will sadly develop 4 to 5 yeast infections in a single year. If you are one of these women that continue experience these symptoms frequently throughout the year there may be an underlying cause that you need to take care of.

Underlying Causes

The 3 most common underlying causes are the following:

  • Regular Use of antibiotics.
  • ¬†Candida Glabrata or Candida tropicalis., two yeast species that can’t be treated normally.
  • Low or damaged immune system.

Keeping Record

If you are experiencing recurrent yeast infections you should start keeping a dairy that records the yeast infections you develop throughout the year. Once you reach the 3rd yeast episode in a year head to your doctor and request for a microscopic exam to identify the yeast culture in your body.

This diagnosis will allow you to know how severe your condition is and how long your treatment will need to be to stop the recurrence of this problem. Since you have been recording the episodes you’re having you’ll know the amount of months it takes before you develop another infection. With this information you should begin treating yourself just before you’re due for another yeast infection.

Home Remedies

Homemade Boric Acid Capsules

yeast infection home remedy

One of the best ways to stop your recurrent yeast infection symptoms is to make your own boric acid capsules. Boric acid is a great home remedy for recurrent infections. The great thing about this remedy is that it’s cheap to get and it allows you to heal naturally while in your home. To make the capsule you will need to head to your nearest pharmacy and get some empty gelatin capsules. Grab some boric acid powder from the grocery or health food store and fill the capsule with as much of the powder you can.

To utilize the homemade boric acid capsules as a treatment simply insert one capsule into your vagina every night before going to sleep. Repeat this procedure for 2 weeks and avoid putting the capsule in your mouth.

Coconut Oil

home remedies for yeast infections

It has been proven that coconut oil can stop the overgrowth of the yeast fungus. The reason why coconut oil is so effective at eliminating yeast infections is because it has a very high content of lauric and caprylic acid. Both lauric acid and caprylic acid have antifungal properties that directly attacks the bacteria causing your infection while leaving the friendly bacteria alone.

In order for coconut oil to work effectively you have to get the brand that isn’t hydrogenated, because this will cause necessary antifungal properties it contains to get eliminated. Go to your local grocery store and try to find organic virgin coconut oil. When using coconut oil for a home remedy you can apply a little of it to the affected area about 3 times everyday.

When you apply coconut oil to the affected area it’ll give you a soothing effect that will bring relief from the symptoms you’re suffering from like excessive burning and itching. You can also replace this oil when cooking food and consume it regularly in your diet.


home remedies for yeast infections

Paracress is not a well known yeast infection home remedy but it’s very effective. As part of the daisy family, paracress comes from Brazil and is utilized as a spice in a variety of different dishes. Paracress is just like witch hazel because they both contain tannic acid and can be utilized as an astringent.

The paracress extract can be found in plenty of ointments out there you can apply directly onto the affected area. It is the astringent tannic acid that will help kill the candida yeast fungus by preventing it’s growth in your body. Also, like witch hazel you can steep it in some boiling water to make a natural herbal tea you can drink daily until your symptoms are gone.

If you use these 3 home remedies properly you can keep recurrent vaginal yeast infections at bay.  Also remember to keep a record or diary so you know when you should really focus on preventive measures to stop an infection from taking place in the first place.




5 Ways To Use Probiotics To Stop Your Yeast Infection Naturally

5 Ways To Use Probiotics To Stop Your Yeast Infection Naturally

Countless people get infected with a yeast infection everyday. It’s a very common problem caused by the candida fungus. Most of the time this fungus is already on your skin, especially in the groin and breast areas. Small numbers of the fungus can be found within the vagina and cause a yeast infection when the amount of fungus present grows.

This is reason why females catch a lot more infections than males do. You will know when you are developing a yeast infection when you notice the common symptoms like itching, burning, soreness in the vagina area, and a white discharge. The first thing you should do is not panic because as long as you treat it with the right treatment it will go away before you know it.

Set up a doctor’s visit and let your doctor confirm you have a yeast infection and not experiencing the symptoms of another kind of condition. Once you know for sure what you’re dealing with you have a variety of different ways you can treat this problem effectively.

There are over the counter antifungal medications available out there but you may experience some mild to severe side effects after using. Home remedies are another option and the best thing about healing yourself naturally is that you get to avoid side effects that could lead to other health issues.


One of the best home remedies for yeast infections out there are probiotics, which is one of the good bacterias that can help improve your body’s natural balance. There are around 400 kinds of probiotic bacteria already present within your body and they help the overgrowth of unwanted bacteria and fungus like the candida yeast. A lot of people take medications that can kill the beneficial bacteria in your body and lead to health problems like a yeast infection. Once your beneficial bacteria reduces you will be much more vulnerable to catch yeast infections. When you take probiotic supplements or eat probiotic foods you will be able to rapidly replinish the amount of good bacteria in your body that was lost.

Probiotics For Treating Yeast Infetions

There are different ways you can utilize probiotics for a yeast infection home remedy. The most important thing is to get into a good routine of taking this beneficial everyday until your symptoms are no longer present.


Yogurt is by far the most popular way to introduce the probiotic bacteria into your system and start fighting off the yeast fungus. Yogurt with live cultures have a hight content of lactobacillus acidophilus, which is the biggest group of probiotic bacteria found inside your body. Go to your grocery store and look for unsweetened yogurt with live cultures and eat 3 daily servings of yogurt each day until your symptoms are gone. It’s important that you choose plain yogurt with flavor added because the sugar content will have the reverse effect and feed the yeast instead of starving it. Another way to use yogurt is to dip a cotton tampon insie some plain yogurt and then insert it into your vagina overnight to stop the yeast infection.

Probiotic Supplements

Another popular probiotic remedy is to use quality probiotic supplements to cure yourself. You can go to your health food store and some grocery stores’ pharmacy section and pick up a probiotic supplement that has the highest amount of living organisms in it. These supplements work the best and have been proven to naturally stop yeast infection symptoms. You could also insert a probiotic capsule directly into the vagina each day to put an end to symptoms.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been well known as a yeast infection treatment, and this is because it has some of the strongest proboitic qualities your body needs to heal naturally. You can find apple cider vinegar at your nearest grocery store but you have to make sure it’s raw and unprocessed for it to be an effective treatment. Simply pour a cup of the vinegar and then add it to your warm bath to return your body’s natural balance.

Probiotic Rich Foods

Eating foods that have a rich probiotic content like olives and pickles will help stop the overgrowth of yeast. Foods that naturally have a good content of the probiotic bacteria are naturally produced cheeses and kimchi.

Barberry Supplments

Barberry is a herbal supplement with a high level of probiotic qaulities that can effectively stop the overgrowth of a fungal infection. It’s anti-fungal properties make it one of the best ways to increase the good bacteria in your system.

With all these different ways to use proboitics as a home remedy is a wonder why more people don’t utilize it. The best part about using proboitics is that you don’t have to worry about the side effects associated with common medications doctors prescribe as a yeast infection treatment. Yeast infections are definitely annoying and frustrating to deal with, but if you utilize the right method you can cheaply and quickly get rid of this problem once and for all.